A Fashion Statement or Something More

Body art and tattoos are a hit these days. Everyone is sporting a tattoo. Once where sailors or bikers were associated with tattoos, today everyone seems to have a tattoo. While some think of it as a style statement, there are cultures where tattoos are still considered as a tradition. It is a mean of expression for many or just a fashion statement for others. People get tattoos for different reasons. Some have anchors, some have stars; the design varies from generic designs to personalized symbols. Out of other designs, some people choose to get tattoos of their own names or names of their loved ones.

What is a tattoo?

Tattoos are permanent markings in the skin made by ink using needles. The ink is punctured into the skin to make desirable designs. It may seem like a wound on the skin for some duration of time, but once the skin settles down, a beautiful long lasting design is made. The process is slightly painful and the design punctured into the skin may bleed initially. Hence for individuals who have decided to get a tattoo done, they must make sure to choose best Melbourne tattoo companies. Initially, these tattoos used to be made manually by making marking with needles and injecting ink in the hand. However, with changing times new technologies and equipment have been adopted to process painless and best tattoos on the skin.

Significance of tattoo

Tattooing has been a part of many cultures where a traditional design or ceremonial mark is made on a person’s body to mark special events, to pay honour or respect, depict cultural images or even connect with the almighty! They can be of a single colour or multicoloured as the person wishes. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words; many people choose to get tattoos to mark special events like engagements, weddings, and achievements or just to express themselves through creative and novel designs. Once an individual is aware of the kind of design they want, they can choose from a graceful design or a funky piece of art. With so many companies available, Voodoo Ink is the best one to choose. It will help you ink in your special tattoo on your body. They are specialized in all styles of modern and traditional tattooing. Moreover friendly artists available at the company ensure to understand your desires and then come up with designs just suitable to meet your expectations.


Tattooing is not just a tradition or a fashion statement. It helps you say who you are! Visit the extremely creative and talented artists at Voodoo Ink to get the best Melbourne tattoo of your choice. You can even book an appointment with the expert tattooists at the company, who can provide best designs that can last forever and also add on to your personality.


About Voodoo Ink Tattoo

Looking for the best studio in Melbourne to get beautiful tattoos inked on your body? Voodoo Ink is located at Carlisle St, St Kilda, Acland St & Fitzroy St. You can get inked from any of these places.

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